Welcome, I’m so grateful you are here!!

My life  rules for life:

1. Be thankful for everything I have … and the things I don’t.

2. Take a breath before reacting to anything.

3. Create something every day.

4. Trust my gut.

5. Move & stretch my body every day.

6. Kiss my husband good morning and goodnight.

7. Start my day with a glass of water + lemon + salt.

8. Spend 20 minutes by myself daily.

9. Make each meal as colorful as possible!

10. Be kind.

About the blog …

I have created a space to share my journey through life.  A space that covers everything from personal monologues,  new ways of thinking, DIY attempts, and recipes of all kinds. I encourage you to comment on posts, start a conversation but always be respectful. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you look at thinks from the flip side. This is a space to feel connected, confident and 100% YOU!  I hope you find a home here but if not, I’m grateful you have crossed my path.